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25 reasons why outsourcing makes business sense

When you consider the advantages of outsourcing, you'll realize there's a lot to gain by using it as an intrinsic part of your business strategy.

By outsourcing, you can:

  1. Reduce overheads, free up resources
  2. Avoid capital expenditure
  3. Improve efficiency
  4. Offload non-core functions
  5. Get access to specialized skills
  6. Save on manpower and training costs
  7. Reduce operating costs
  8. Improve speed and service
  9. Establish long-term, strategic relationships with world-class service providers to gain a competitive edge/li>
  10. Enhance tactical and strategic advantages
  11. Focus on strategic thinking, process reengineering and managing trading partner relationships
  12. Spread your risks
  13. Provide the best quality services, products and people
  14. Be reliable and innovative
  15. Provide value-added services
  16. Increase customer satisfaction
  17. Avoid the cost of chasing technology
  18. Leverage the provider's extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people
  19. Benefit from the provider's expertise in solving problems for a variety of customers with similar requirements.
  20. Focus scarce resources on time-critical projects such as application reengineering
  21. Obtain needed project management and implementation consulting expertise, along with access to best practices and proven methodologies
  22. Reduce the risk of technological obsolescence and increase efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions
  23. Keep pace and minimize the impact of rapid changes in applications and standards
  24. Extend the reach to more trading partners quickly and efficiently
  25. Reduce the overall IT management burden while retaining control of strategic decision making.
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