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The DQ advantage

We realize that today's computer buyer has a wide selection of companies to choose from. So, why DQ Technologies? This entire site will give you the details, but here's the executive summary:

  • Experience - For gamers by gamers. We have had a long time to get very good at what we do.
  • Quality - No other PC maker has such a consistent line of quality products.
  • Specialization - We make PCs for enthusiasts. We don't pretend to make the best business PC or government servers. We're the best at what we do because it's all we do.
  • Customization - No other PC maker offers the vast array of hardware and aesthetic options to make your PC truly your own.

Build Quality
DQ Tech will meticulously craft a high-performance system for you that will exceed all of your expectations. With the unrivaled build quality implemented into every system by DQ Tech's highly trained integrators, you are assured of receiving a machine of the absolute finest quality.

Every detail of a DQ PC is carefully scrutinized and perfected through DQ-Inspection, a revolutionary system integration and inspection process . With DQ-Inspection, your system undergoes a lengthy “burn-in” process, a rigorous 100-point quality control inspection, full optimization of the operating system, numerous benchmarks on demanding software such as DOOM 3, and more, all provided free of charge to ensure your DQ PC system operates at peak efficiency right out of the box.

DQ Tech provides a wide range of product offerings tailored for the varying demands of each customer. Whether you are saving the Earth in the latest power-hungry PC game or calculating your monthly bills, DQ Tech delivers a solution that fulfills your every requirement.

Optimized and accessible BIOS
We don't hide your BIOS behind a graphic or limit your access to it. We tweak every system's BIOS settings individually to the very edge of performance - but not one step beyond (risking instability). That means maximum speed without crashing or graphics problems.

System documentation
Our custom systems all ship with a ring binder with your personal IRQ locations of installed hardware (a "paper registry"), all of your system's quality checks, benchmarks, the DQ PC manual and all original manuals from each component you've selected should it have one.

Perfect cabling (DQ-Wiring)
Well routed internal cabling is the mark of a true enthusiast PC maker. You may never even open your case, but the wiring in every DQ PC is carefully routed to provide the perfect balance of airflow, accessibility, and aesthetics.

Truly personal system rescue discs
We burn a complete backup of your exact DQ PC the moment it leaves our doors. Should your PC ever have problems or you just like to clean out Windows every once in a while, our rescue discs can easily get your PC back to its "factory fresh" state.

We give you a real copy of Microsoft Windows
You get the full version of Windows on every DQ PC, complete with an original CD. No "hard drive only" installs or those so-called "special deals" that leave you short- changed. The full version of the OS and nothing else.

Testing, testing and even more testing
We do an exhaustive 3-day "burn-in" of every system and try to make the system fail here at the factory so it will not fail on you. We simulate months of the most tortuous use you could imagine. If every part can't pass our tests flawlessly - it doesn't ship.


We've had lots of questions from customers confused about buying a PC. Here are some of the ones we hear most frequently.

Why not build a PC myself?
If you're able to build your own computer, then you may not need our integration services, we supply components aswell. But even auto mechanics go to the car dealership sometimes. Many people have built their own systems in the past, but got tired of the constant upkeep, hardware conflicts, and lack of warranty support. Remember, this isn't just a weekend project or a hobby for us. We have built computers with a wide variety of parts and configurations. We know what works and what doesn't and we know how to squeeze every last little bit of performance out of our hardware - stably.

Aren't all parts the same?
Frankly, no. Lots of computer stores use "watered down", slower versions of parts that still have the same name. DQ Tech has access to hardware and parts not generally available to the public, and we usually get them long before they're available at retail. From factory overclocked video cards to our closed circuit water cooling system, these aren't the sort of things you can just pick off a store shelf.

Why can no one ever duplicated a DQ PC using "the same parts"?
A Gaming PC is much more than the sum of its parts. If you could duplicate our performance just by buying the same components, someone would have beaten us by now. Performance is not just starting with the best hardware, it's a perfect marriage of software, hardware and the knowledge of how to run it to its limits - reliably.

Why aren't your systems sold at retail computer stores?
Currently every system we build is custom made for an individual. When you get a DQ PC system, it was literally built from the ground up using only the parts you need. And building starts when you order with the latest technology, instead of being built a month ahead of time and shipped to sit on a store shelf.

Why does it take a couple weeks to have an order built?
It doesn't really take that long to build them, as most of this time is waiting your turn for your order to be built. Every customer's order is different, and we handle many, many special parts order requests. Our systems are also built the old fashioned way: one at a time by highly trained technicians. We don't build our custom systems on assembly lines and test one out of ten for failures -- each one is hand assembled, tweaked, tested and re-tested to be the fastest PC ever made. This kind of testing takes much more time than setting PCs up for "slow but safe" and shipping them quickly, but our results speak for themselves.

Why do DQ PC's cost more than PC's from ________ ?
The components we use cost more. Highly trained staff costs more. Not using assembly lines costs more. Exceptional customer service costs more.

You can get a cheap PC anywhere. But DQ Tech is making the alternative to the standard "whitebox" or "blackbox" . When you're ready for a system where you choose the components from the fastest parts in the world… When you're ready to have a system built by the finest technicians, who'll build it like it was their own system… When you're ready to decide what your PC looks like and have it shine more richly than the finest cars… When you're ready to want more from a PC…

…you're ready for a DQ PC.

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